When considering the special needs of clients we take into account business need, current size, future growth, system scalability and cost. Corporate enterprise design needs to account for future growth as well as meeting existing functional needs.

Based in Southern California, we are an association of consultants whose experience spans virtually all aspects of Information Systems, to work with you on delivering what you need, when you need it. To find out more or to discuss your particular needs contact us and we will be happy to help assess your requirements.


Core Competency

Bringing a full understanding of network and enterprise project skills that make us uniquely qualified to help you design and plan your infrastructure project. Understanding that your network is an integral component of your company's success allows us to create and execute a successful plan. We not only are capable of strategic design and planning of your environment but can provide additional service and support through our knowledge of current and new technologies utilizing "best of breed" disciplines. Familiarity with vendors and manufacturers enables us to assist customers with vendor and product selections.

Working together affords us the ability to conceive, identify and communicate - placing the satisfaction of the stakeholders in the forefront. Displaying a genuine commitment to the results of a project and follow through will move us towards an effective and successful project completion.

more About Us...

A versatile group of individuals with a unique combination of experience evoking leadership, innovative problem solving and complex decision making skills. Contact us for more information about your project needs. We are located in Southern California, our mailing address is:

Steve Breitborde Consulting
2155 Verdugo Blvd, #231
Montrose, CA 91020

Phone 818.842.9090