Basic steps in planning any implementation should begin with choosing your goals for a particular project. Next, make sure that management is in agreement with those targets from start to finish.  Think small – don’t plan to the nth degree from day one. Return on investment usually follows an 80/20 rule: 80 percent of the benefits will be found in the simplest 20 percent of the system and the final 20 percent of the benefits will evolve from the most complex 80 percent of the system. Plan for scalability and make flexibility one of your highest priorities. In general, unless it is by design, steer clear of becoming a custom software business. “Out of the package” solutions generally can deliver most if not all of the functionality you will need at a fraction of the cost and in less than half the time. Last but not least it is highly recommended to remain flexible throughout the implementation plan. costs_sm.jpg

Performing a needs analysis should be the first step in evaluating a
call center implementation. After the appropriate information is
gathered the results should be compiled into a “specification
document”. Within the specification document requirements should
be weighed and ranked in order of importance. Be careful in
determining which operational functions should be required. Careful
consideration should be taken for those functions that may well
shape the nature and quality of your service to your customers.

Determine which solution option suits your needs (including potential
future needs) and draw your plan around it. Take note of specific
software and hardware requirements and how these will need to be
integrated into your phone system.

Consultants can create or assist in creating an implementation plan.
A careful project plan will help to avoid slow downs, delays and cost
hikes. But a plan that is too rigid might just as well create the same
negative effects. “A battle plan lasts until contact with the enemy… ”
having built in checkpoints will help deter those unexpected bugs
that are inevitable in all plans.

Goals Revisited
Architectural goals for systems might include all or some of the
following -
Interoperability or Open architect systems;
Scalability and/or Extensibility

Today’s Call Centers encompass a multitude of technologies.  Utilizing the technologies that fit best for your particular centers requirements are key to a successful implementation.